Bar Beverages

Bottled Beer (Orion / Corona Extra)   ¥500
Wine   by the Glass (Red / White)    ¥500 
Spiced Hot Wine                                     ¥500
Local Awamori by the Glass     ¥500
Local Aged Awamori                   ¥500

Standard Cocktails                   ¥500
AWAMORI Cocktails                 ¥500
Non Alcholic Cocktails             ¥500
Deerest Original Cocktails      ¥500

Coffee & Tea

Deerest Premium Coffee (Hot/Iced)   ¥500
Ishigaki Cafe au Lait (Hot/Iced)          ¥500

Chocolate Drink (Hot/Iced)   ¥500

Royal Milk Tea  ¥500
Deerest's Chai →Spiced Milk Tea (Hot/Iced)   ¥500

Hot Lemonade   ¥500


Sorry, Deerest can't serve enough food.

Please feel free to bring your own food.


Mixed Nuts      ¥200

Kame-Sen (Local Cracker)   ¥200
Cheese Cracker  ¥200
Olives               ¥300



No cover charge ,Tax included